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Have you ever felt like you needed to be a math genus just to figure out when to put your baby down next? Sometimes it's easy- add 2 hours from the time you get your baby out of the crib. But often you're sitting there wondering what

2:30 PM plus 1 hour 45 minutes is! And you start questioning your high school diploma! If you're lucky you'll get the math right the first time. If you're not so lucky you put your baby down 20 minutes later than you wanted and now you have an overtired baby. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!!! You can do the math right here using this interactive calculator. Enjoy! 

interactive calculator:

calculate when your baby's next nap will be

Input the time baby got out of the crib

Input Baby's waketime length before sleep

When you should put your baby back in the crib for next nap/bedtime

Don't know what your baby's optimal time awake before naps/bedtime is? That's one thing we work on in my one-on-one support.

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