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Motherhood isn't an easy journey...

... and my start wasn't an easy one. It was always a desire of mine to start having children, stay home with them, and basically be Super Mom.

The first roadblock was actually GETTING pregnant. It was a rollercoaster ride full of emotions and I was begging to get off it and enjoy a peaceful float down the lazy river instead.  After a miscarriage, many months of fertility treatments, and hundred of negative pregnancy tests ( I was an obsessive "POAS-er") we finally accomplished the first hurdle of getting pregnant and the little bean sticking. When we brought this tiny newborn home 9 months later, this manifestation of all the prayers, prophetic words, hopes and dreams, THEN the real chaos started. 

The crying (all around!). The second-guessing. The delirium. I'm not trying to scare you! Honestly you just can never quite understand being a new parent until you start to experience it. Aiden struggled to latch properly to eat. He cried ALL THE TIME. The first several weeks my husband and I were up for hours in the night trying to feed and get him back to sleep. I remember our pastor's wife bringing us dinner when Aiden was two-weeks old. When she rang our bell and as I answered it, I immediately melted in her arms and started crying. The feeling of a mother's love at JUST the right time really soothed and satisfied something in me. 

Around 12 weeks old I reached another breaking point with Aiden's sleep. I would spend hours rocking him, only it wasn't like the sweet Johnson & Johnson commercials where the mother is gazing into the peaceful infant's eyes while rocking in a dark and quiet nursery. It was like wrestling an alligator- a screaming, overtired, alligator. And sleep rarely followed it.  My sister recommended sleep training. I didn't know what I was doing, but whatever it was that I did, worked in just 3 days! I was convinced after that that sleep training was a beautiful gift to give your infant.

As baby #2 and 3 came quickly, I started enjoying honing my sleep training and parenting skills. I became a Love and Logic Parenting Facilitator, as well as an admin of a 15K member mom group dedicated to teaching baby routines and healthy sleep habits. In 2020 I became certified in pediatric sleep consulting and since then have worked with over 200 families walking them through the sleep training process. I have now expanded into postpartum doula care in order to provide hands-on support to parents, as well as training sleep consultants to prepare them to take on their own clients.

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I'd love to work alongside your family to help bring peace, clarity and hope to some of the most difficult weeks of parenthood!
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Do you feel like you need some extra support and encouragement? Let's Talk!
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